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Osama's Death Photo: 'The Impossible Truth'


"It's an almost voyeuristic demand that raises the cliché 'atrocious' in the case of the man who for so long scoffed at the world before being shot like a dog. It is legitimate to retain a photo potentially as dangerous as a time bomb. It's a lesser evil."


By Olivier Picard



Translated By Mary Kenny


May 5, 2011


France - Les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace - Original Article (French)

A man from Pakistan's Jamatut Dawa Party cries at a funeral service for Osama bin Laden in Karachi, May 3.

AL-JAZEERA NEWS: Live coverage of the death of Osama bin Laden.RealVideo

This is a frustrating planet. The ultra-informed world of 2011, which watches events live at the meteoric pace of Tweets and Facebook, is struggling to accept that it will have to resign itself to not knowing everything. To not knowing how the film ends. To never having THE photo - the visual, absolute, and definitive proof of the death of the most formidable terrorist of all time.


The velocity of the circulation, density and volume of information will change nothing: History, when it's contested, is no more transparent today than it was in the eras of lead and fax machines. If the truth of bin Laden's execution is not in doubt, we'll probably never know the truth about the precise circumstances, nor the conditions of the al-Qaeda founder's burial at sea. It's as simple as that. The more days that pass, the more America's retention of the facts will be absorbed in the sands of memory just as the waters of the North Arabian Sea swallowed up the protagonist of an event that the whole world was waiting to hear about. How could the democrats on all continents not feel deprived of the epilogue of this ten-year-old trauma?


It is not a question of technique, but of power - in this case, the abuse of power. The curiosity of people and their requests for an explanation weigh so little compared to the reasons of state of America and her allies! No one is interested in displaying the disfigured face of former enemy number one. In Washington and Islamabad, there's no interest in being too specific, beginning with Pakistan, which is working very hard now to distinguish itself from the guardianship of its American ally. Above all, it doesn't wish to appear subservient ...


In the short term, the killing of bin Laden creates more problems than it solves. Exasperation already needs to be managed, and the risk of a series of savage attacks that his disappearance may generate in a certain number of Arab countries. So revealing the truth about his final moments seems quite secondary in the eyes of the American administration. It's an almost voyeuristic demand that raises the cliché "atrocious" in the case of the man who for so long scoffed at the world before being shot like a dog. It is legitimate to retain a photo potentially as dangerous as a time bomb. It's a lesser evil.  



So bin Laden wasn't armed when a fatal bullet penetrated beneath his left eye? So what? And all the same, there is little doubt that the American commandos wouldn't have issued any warnings. One of the perversities of terrorism is that it sometimes imposes its methods on those who fight it. Aron wrote that history was tragic. We can all assume that it is. And it has imposed on humanity an implacable cruelty.



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