Hillary Clinton: Would forbearance be the wiser course?



No Hillary, Don't Do It! (de Volkskrant, The Netherlands)


"Let me come straight to the point the Dutch way - straightforward and without lame excuses: Please retire. Forget your presidential ambitions. Enough is enough. Please don't do it."


By Charles Groenhuijsen*


Translated By Marion Pini


March 27, 2015


de Volkskrant The Netherlands Original Article (Dutch)

Suppose you win the presidential election in November 2016, then you will be 69 years old. Let us assume two terms; you will be 77 when your job is done. It's pretty much the hardest job in the world. You can do a lot, but isn't it a bit tricky?


I have respect for grey hair: but for such a tough job you have to know that there is a time to come and a time to go. Only once have we seen a president that old - Ronald Reagan. That didn't end well.


I don't think you're going to win. Barack Obama won in 2008 (by a 10 million vote margin) and in 2012 (5 million) due to the massive support of ethnic minorities and a high turnout among young people. Be honest: you don't have Obama's magical aura. For many young people you are "yesterday's news" and many will stay home, along with a good number of Black voters. Hillary, you are no Barack Obama!


Weak opposition candidate


Obama also had a weak opposition candidate - twice. In 2008, John McCain (then) still older than you will be in 2016. In 2012 there was Mitt Romney, who is better at raking in millions of dollars than persuading millions of voters. Will you also get a weak candidate opposing you? Don't count on it.


I don't want to detract from Barack Obama's resounding victory. But he had a lot of luck. In the Netherlands we like to paraphrase one of the greats of Dutch football Johan Cruyff: "Every disadvantage has its advantage."


Barack Obama's skin color will undoubtedly have deterred some voters, but it also had an advantage: America could for the first time in its history elect a Black president. That gave a special dynamic to that election. Hope and pride attracted many voters to the polls. They wanted to be a part of this historic event.


Will you also manage to attract record numbers of young and Black voters? You and I know the answer. Barack Obama has done great things for the country. His legacy is precious. Don't let the Republicans screw it up.


End of the World


You probably know that joke about the end of the world. Who will survive? Cockroaches along with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Your husband Bill was The Comeback Kid, and you were very often The Comeback Girl. Now I say: go back, girl! Make room for other candidates. Now it may not be too late.


And there's something else: You know that hassle with e-mails will follow you into the White House. It's grim but true: You have many fans, but many Americans also detest you. Hillary-hatred is now a temporarily dormant but it is a chronic disease that few Americans ever recover from.

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And just between you and me you have been telling some terrible fibs about deleting e-mails and the security of sensitive information in those tens of thousands of e-mails. Didn't you have to smile as well when you confidently assured the world that no confidential information was present in those tens of thousands of communications?


You were secretary of state, were you not? So what was in those e-mails? You exchanged tidbits with prime ministers and presidents? Is there anyone except you (and Bill?) who believes that? When it comes to proclaiming half-truths, you and Bill are experts. But that's enough for now. The time has come.


Female president


On one topic I am sure we agree. I hope we will live to see America get a female president. That would be fantastic. Can we also agree that you will not be the first female president?


You'll understand why I send this to your personal e-mail address. This way I know it will reach those for whom it is intended.


Never do what your enemies hope for!


Have a great day!


All the best,


Charles Groenhuijsen.


*Charles Groenhuijsen is de Volkskrant's former Washington correspondent and the author of the book Oh, Oh America to be published in May (Publisher Balance - Uitgeverij Balans).


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