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Correio da Manhã, Portugal

WikiLeaks: A 'Catastrophe' for Cyber-Dependent States


"It’s worth highlighting the fragility of the states that have been hanged in cyberspace due to their communications."


By Medeiros Ferreira*



Translated By Brandi Miller


December 17, 2010


Portugal - Correio da Manhã - Original Article (Portuguese)

Founder, spokesperson and editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks Julian Assange: Life on the Internet will never be the same.  

RUSSIA TODAY VIDEO: Justice for Julian? Assange to walk free as UK court rejects appeal, Dec. 16, 00:04:53

While we're being entertained reading the wiretapping of the Internet connected with the tangled yarn unfolding from the mysterious WikiLeaks, perhaps it’s worth highlighting the fragility of the states that have been hanged in cyberspace due to their communications. The ordinary phrase “it's on the Internet” has taken on catastrophic proportions for cyber-dependent states.


It’s true that NATO's New Strategic Concept, approved days ago in Lisbon, dedicates two semicolons to cyber attacks, presenting them as “becoming more frequent, more organized and more costly" in the damage that they inflict. The case is even more serious and disturbing because it was the United States that let the genie out of the bottle and seduced the world to use the "network.”  



Not even the deciphering by the British of the German Enigma code in World War II is comparable to what just happened to the U.S. Department of State. As for the ongoing revelations, we'll just have to wait for what the search engines reveal. So far, in terms of Portugal - even with out eyes shut tight - there have only been confirmations of what the good people of Portugal already suspected. Decisions makers were both canny and timid - just as George Kennan described them to Washington in 1943. The real sadness is that Portugal doesn't even have a national newspaper on the WikiLeaks list. Even [Foreign Minister] Luís Amado reacts only to El País


*Medeiros Ferreira is a professor of history at the New University of Lisbon



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