Gorbachev tutors Obama: The book says

'Perestroika' or in English, 'restructuring.'

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'Famed Futurologist' Predicts Obama to Be America's Gorbachev


"After two years in office, he will cease playing a significant role in American history. Obama is a figurehead. His role will be akin to the one played by Gorbachev in our country. Ö The new president will not withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq and the number of troops in Afghanistan will rise. So, in comparison to him, Bush will seem soft and fluffy."


Translated By Yekaterina Blinova


December 31, 2008


Russia - Argumenty i Facty - Original Article (Russian)

Russia and the world are in for some hard times, but we'll muddle through, says famed futurologist Pavel Sviridov.


Pavel Sviridov, head of the Fund for Temporal Research, Analysis and Forecasting, predicted the current crisis - eight years ago. In his book The Myth of the Age of Aquarius, he demonstrates that human society is closely tied to cosmic rhythms and that it develops cyclically. This has enabled him to foresee the events of 2001-2013:


"Ö at the end of each 12- year cycle, periods of rapid economic growth are interrupted by war, simply cease or are replaced by crisis Ö During these cycles, there are relative improvements in the standard of living for people, although in the political sphere harsh, authoritarian regimes are established. As a rule, throughout the entire 12-year cycle (or the better part of it) the same person remains in power." And who can say things turned out differently in Russia?


Argumenty i Facty: Pavel Vladimirovich, a year ago, many of your colleagues praised the upcoming year of the Rat and predicted prosperity, not crisis. Did they miss something?


According to the Chinese zodiac,

2008 was the year of the Rat.


Pavel Sviridov: Projections for the year of the Rat, Bull, et cetera, I personally regard as "pop [culture]" with strong commercial undertones. I lived in China for many years and know that the Chinese themselves don't follow this "animal" calendar, and laugh at suggestions about what to wear, eat and drink on New Yearís Eve. This calendar [the Chinese lunar calendar ] is based on the position of only one planet - Jupiter - and doesn't take into account the complex interactions between the planets.


I said that 2008 would be a year of instability in the wake of a great crisis. This is because technically there is no crisis yet - there is just a small rolling-back of plans, appetites and anticipation of something bad to come. The real crisis is lies ahead Ö


Argumenty i Facty: Oh, we will scare our readers now.


Pavel Sviridov: There is no reason to be frightened. Itís the normal course of affairs that after excesses, one has to scale back, regroup. For instance, the crisis of 1998 turned out to be a boon for our economy: the State Defense Committee bubble burst and vigorous growth ensued. [Editor's Note: The State Defense Committee is said to have held 'total power' in the Soviet state ].


The star signs and the planets that rule them. Astrologers

say that just like people, nations have star signs and that

astrological predictions can be made for them.


Pavel Sviridov: The entire world will soon fall into the abyss of a global perestroika [restructuring]. From 2011 until 2015, a so-called quadrature of the two most distant planets - Uranus and Pluto - will persist. Uranus will enter the sign of Aries, and Pluto will enter Capricorn. Uranus is the planet of revolution - the overthrow of the old. Pluto is a planet of catastrophe, mass unrest and epidemics. All significant wars have occurred under the influence of these planets. Right now, the world is moving toward just this kind of great conflict. Perhaps even some local use of nuclear weapons - but more about this later.





Pavel Sviridov: The year 2009 is unusual. In 2009 there will be six lunar and solar eclipses! It has been proven that at the time of an eclipse, all processes on Earth experience powerful stress. This year, the eclipses will occur on the axis of two signs of the Zodiac: in the summer it will be Leo and at the end of the winter, Aquarius. Aquarius is Russiaís sign; consequently, we will find ourselves in the thick of these energy shocks. In the 20th century, the same concurrence of eclipses occurred during 1905-1907; 1914-1917; 1924 and 1953; 1933 - the arrival of fascism in Germany; 1942-1944 - the most difficult years of the war [WWII]; 1979-1982 - from the beginning of the war in Afghanistan until Brezhnevís death; 1989-1991 - the dissolution of the Soviet Union; 1998-2000 - the crisis and the war in Chechnya.


In 2009, in the sign of Virgo, Saturn opposes Uranus in Pisces. Uranus, as I mentioned, is associated with change, while Saturn stands for conservatism and the past. Tension will exist between these two powerful planets for the entire year, which means that there will be a war between new and old. Perhaps a battle for a new world order to reform the global financial system. There are already rumors of an alternative global currency, such as the "golden Yuan."


Finally, in 2009, Jupiter will enter the sign of Aquarius (the sign of Russia), where it will be joined by Neptune. Neptune is "responsible" for religious and national liberation movements, and Jupiter for expansion and strengthening. Therefore in 2009, we can expect a tide of religious and national extremism. And toward the end of the year, a similar "bond" between Saturn and Pluto will be formed, an event that also served as a backdrop for many of the 20th centuryís key events: the beginning of both world wars; the crisis of 1991-1993; and the terrorist attack on the United States in September of 2001. So the year that awaits us will be a most difficult one.


But the poor will be fed and the violent will be intimidated.


Argumenty i Facty: The government will probably be interested to know what the price of oil will be Ö


Pavel Sviridov: Oil will be traded somewhere in the $40-60 per barrel range, although drops to $30 per barrel are possible. Incidentally, the analysis shows that oil prices always drop before global conflicts, because this gives armies a chance to satisfy their impressive need for fuel: buy kerosene for aircraft, diesel for tanks, et cetera.


Argumenty i Facty: Will Russia have enough resources to survive these hard times?


Pavel Sviridov: The most important resource is the patience of our people. We have already gone through all kinds of deprivation. Probably the government will once again be forced to renew the practice of issuing food rationing cards - and not just for low income individuals. A food provision program will be adopted to reduce dependence on imports. A surge of protest is possible, so in 2009 the government will take measures to prevent social unrest. Among these will be identifying and neutralizing union activists and leaders of suspicious youth organizations. I don't foresee early elections next year. To maintain the credibility of the state, the government might hold public trials of corrupt officials and announce big resignations.


Liberalization will only begin between 2013-2015. In the meantime, a cushion has been built up which will allow the government to balance out and mitigate dangerous moments. A certain escalation of the situation might occur in March-April, but this is most likely to be related to international conditions.


[Argumenty i Facty, Russia]




Argumenty i Facty: What do the planets have in store for Barack Obama?


Pavel Sviridov: After two years in office, he will cease to play a significant role in American history. Obama is a figurehead. His role will be akin to the one played by Gorbachev in our country. America is buried in bureaucracy and suffers from its own rigidity. Americans understand that they canít develop in this direction any longer. It's time to change and become more flexible. Obama will adopt a number of unpopular measures and assume responsibility for them. At the same time, America will become even more involved with global restructuring. The new president will not withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq. Meanwhile, the number of troops in Afghanistan will rise. So, in comparison to him, Bush will seem soft and fluffy.


Argumenty i Facty: Will relations between Russia and America improve?


Pavel Sviridov: The greatest threat for us in the 21st century isn't America, but China, which, with its velvet glove, presses us harder and harder in the Far East. Our border areas - Amur, Primorye - are home to 3-4 million people. But neighboring areas of China are home to hundreds of millions. They donít even have to fight us. They just need to cross the border and live here Ö bribe local authorities and obtain resident permits. This is the tactic of the silk worm - quietly gnawing away at a leaf. The Chinese economy will experience a worsening shortage of resources. And they have no place to get those resources other than Russia.


Argumenty i Facty: Lastly: in what form would you advise Russians to keep their savings?


Pavel Sviridov: In 2009, the dollar will be equivalent to about 30-32 rubles, at best. But in general, one shouldn't invest in currency, but rather in things of more enduring value - in oneís health, the health of oneís children, and the improvement of oneís home. I would advise people who have extra money to invest in dental care, fitness and the stockpiling of food - the kind of food, of course, that the mice can't get to. Remember that our dachas [country homes] aren't just for green lawns: one can also use them to grow potatoes and cucumbers. In general, the most important things in this age of crisis are health, family and simple domestic joys.



































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