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Leaders of Iran and Syria Take West to School (Al Watan, Oman)


"Throughout the Syrian crisis, leaders in Iran and Syria have played a critical role. Demonstrating remarkable shrewdness, wisdom and a capacity to steer clear of enemy traps, they gave Russian diplomacy sufficient gumption to stand firm against the colonialist-imperialist attacks of the West, which is striving to uproot Syria from the region, considering it a stepping stone to the destruction of the Islamic Republic of Iran's nuclear facilities."


By Khamis ben Habib al-Tobi


Translated by Lina Barakat-Masroujeh


October 8, 2013


Oman - Al-Watan - Home Page (Arabic)

Syria government leader Bashar al-Assad: Have the Syrians, Iranians and Russians outsmarted the United States?


BBC NEWS VIDEO: U.S. football coach who met Iran President Rouhani is an unlikely ambassador, Sept. 30, 00:02:42RealVideo

It is no understatement to say that the Iranian and Syrian schools of politics, marked respectively by Persian and Ummayad astuteness, are giving free political science lessons on the significance of patience and forbearance in the management of thorny issues; and using self-control and composure to avoid a calamitous fall while on the brink of an abyss.


Throughout the Syrian crisis, leaders in Iran and Syria have played a critical role. Demonstrating remarkable shrewdness, wisdom and a capacity to steer clear of enemy traps, they gave Russian diplomacy sufficient gumption to stand firm against the colonialist-imperialist attacks of the West, which is striving to uproot Syria from the region, considering it a stepping stone to the destruction of the Islamic Republic of Iran's nuclear facilities.  


The leaders of Iran, Syria and Russia, supported by the BRICS nations, have presented harmonious and complimentary positions. Having surrendered in the past to the hegemony of a unipolar system, they have awakened global awareness to the genuine change made possible by the birth of multilateralism, enabling the world to finally walk on both legs after so long having limped.


After passage of Security Council Resolution 2118, now has come Syrian approval of the dismantling of its chemical arsenal and ratification of the Chemical Weapons Convention. Not, however, under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter, which allows for the use of force. This reflects the harmony and integration of Iranian-Syrian-Russian positions, and is a harbinger of the new multi-polarity, particularly given the American president's phone call to his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani, during which the two agreed to direct their respective diplomats to discuss the unresolved issues pertaining to the Iranian nuclear issue.


The rapid Russian-American agreement on Syria's chemical weapons comes along with an obvious breakdown of the so-called "Syrian National Coalition" and its collection of terrorist groups under the banner and control if al-Qaeda. The deal on Syria also comes in conjunction with America's recent skipping of pebbles on the stagnant waters of U.S.-Iranian rapprochement. These are significant reminders that nothing is forbidden in politics, which is: “the art of the possible.”


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First: It is no exaggeration to say that Security Council resolution 2118, the ladder which saved Obama from the tree he climbed up in with his "red line," and under which Syria accepted Russian intervention and mediation for dismantling its chemical weapons arsenal, was more disappointing to the anti-Syria warmongers and conspirators with their terrorist machinery than to the Syrian government.


Second: Just as the Syria-Russia-Iran axis undermined the aggressor's plot to assault Syria, the steadfastness of the Syrian people, their leaders, and the Syrian military, the Americans gambled on a so-called “balance on the ground” to be achieved by heavily financing and supporting terrorist gangs being pummeled by the Syrian Army. Here, it is suitable to recall Hezbullah Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah's statement, in which he advised the conspirators who also gambled on a military solution that terrorism will not help resolve the crisis, and that the only solution to the Syria crisis is political.

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Third: The calamitous fall of the so-called "Syrian National Coalition" and its allied terrorist groups, the majority of which are al-Qaeda affiliates, has been dramatic and unexpected. Responding to alternative claims by the Coalition's supporters that the revolution was kidnapped by foreign terrorists and that resolving the conflict in favor of al-Qaeda-affiliated groups is just a means to an end, Haytham Manna, deputy head of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change, said that the so-called Free Syrian Army would eventually turn to the actual Syrian Army to rid the country of al-Qaeda. This brings to mind the so-called “Friends of Syria” conference, at which America's designation of the Al-Nusra Front as a terrorist group enraged the Coalition, which had until recently continued to affirm that Al-Nusra spearheaded its destruction of Syria and the murder of its people. I do wonder whether this foreign-made “Coalition” now looks back at these positions with regret, as it finds itself increasingly isolated and its influence diminished. After those that gambled on it lose, the Coalition may not even have a seat at the table for Geneva II.



Forth: The United States will likely receive Iranian, Russian, and Chinese guarantees that will facilitate America's withdrawal from Afghanistan. and assurances that peace and stability will be maintained in the country. It is perhaps no coincidence that China has announced its willingness to commit to rebuilding Afghanistan in return for progress on the Syria crisis and Iranian nuclear file.


Fifth: A resolution of the Iranian nuclear issue and the Syria crisis, including that relating to chemical weapons, will oblige America to press Israel to sign the relevant international nuclear and chemical weapons treaties.  


Sixth: It is not unlikely that if these peaceful pursuits ultimately pay off, the countries that participated in the aggression against Syria should bear responsibility for their abominable crimes by participating in Syria's reconstruction.


To conclude, one must emphasize that nothing in politics remains fixed, and situations and positions are liable to change in multiple directions.


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