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Iraq’s Political ‘Sheep’ Keep Blaming America (Al Qabas, Kuwait)


“Despite the fact that America has in fact withdrawn and has therefore ended its occupation, Green Zone politicians are the first to behave as though there has been no withdrawal, blaming the United States for every problem and all the tension Iraq continues to experience.”


By Abd al-Zahra al-Rukaby



Translated By Nicolas Dagher


April 20, 2012


Kuwait - Al Qabas – Home Page (Arabic)

Ayad Allawi, interim Prime Minister of Iraq prior to Iraq's 2005 legislative elections and current leader of the al-Iraqya coalition, is expressing consternation at Washington's apparent lack of interest in the current state of his nation.

BBC NEWS VIDEO: Iraq's U.N. envoy says Iraq is looking after its interests in Syria, Apr. 5, 00:02:23RealVideo

We all know why politicians in Baghdad’s Green Zone refer to America when it comes to each and every issue. Despite the fact that the U.S. has in fact withdrawn from Iraq and has therefore ended its occupation, such politicians are the first to behave as though there has been no withdrawal, blaming the United States for every problem and all the tension Iraq continues to experience. This is tacit recognition of the continuing and intrinsic importance of the United States.


These politicians go to Washington to receive its blessing and ask it to interfere in Iraqi affairs, thereby slashing the words “sovereignty” and “independence” from their dictionaries. That type of deletion isn’t new, perhaps beginning even before they joined the Iraqi opposition during the days of Saddam, which eventually allowed them, with America’s help, to settle as rulers in the Green Zone - and they could hardly care what the nature of the regime may be.


Following this approach, former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi recently wrote an article in an Arab newspaper, in which he repeatedly blamed the United States for the country’s turbulence,  and said, “America’s obvious ambivalence toward the Iraq situation has given al-Maliki unjustified confidence to pursue his goal of establishing absolute rule.”

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He went on, “In the absence of a clear and sustained effort on the part of Washington, as sponsors of the Convention on Erbil, we will not be able to overcome the current impasse” [see editor’s note below]. In the same editorial, he says, “The U.S. should, without delay, redouble its efforts through the United Nations to restore the Iraqi political process to its proper path.


[Editor’s Note: The 'Convention on the Erbil', named after the oil boom town in Iraqi Kurdistan, called for the creation of a council to essentially reorder the Iraqi government, including revamping state institutions, altering the rules that the Council of Ministers must operate under, enact laws that will govern the contentious oil and gas sectors, give the Defense Ministry portfolio to a member of al-Iraqya - Mr. Allawi's coalition, and a number of other issues. Mr. Allawi asserts that the government of Prime Minister Maliki is dragging its feet about implementing the deal.]


Allawi continued, “The White House still wields considerable influence over the Maliki government,” and he suggested that, “the United States use this influence to ensure that the enormous sacrifices made by both Americans and Iraqis not be in vain,” and stressing at the end of his article, “Surely we can avoid having the U.S. role in Iraq end tragically, which would also carry serious consequences for the rest of the world.”



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Based on Allawi’s comments, it is clear that the politicians of the Green Zone consider America their point of reference. Even if we know that the U.S. has pulled out of Iraq, many comment on the withdrawal by saying, “If America had really completely withdrawn, such politicians would be the first to abandon Iraq or at least leave the Green Zone.”


Suffice it to say that this time it is America which is to blame - not the Italians [ع الطليان].


[Editor’s Note: A common Arabic saying is, “It’s the Italians’ fault,” which is used whenever a scapegoat is needed. In Iraqi Arabic, the word “Telian [ع الطليان]” means both “Italians” and “sheep.” The author is making a play on words and is using the dual definition of “Telian” to call Iraqi politicians in the Green Zone “sheep” - who cannot take decisions on their own].




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