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Al Mokhtasar, Saudi Arabia

'Crusader-Americans' Do Nothing As Iranians 'Invade' Iraq


"Somehow, America's aircraft, which have complete control of Iraq's skies, can't spot an armed invasion in the middle of the day. … The masks are now off of both new and old occupations."


By Dr. Nasir Al Umar


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


December 22, 2009


Saudi Arabia - Al Mokhtasar - Original Article (Arabic)

An Iraqi Army soldier on patrol near the Iranian border at the al-Fakkah oil field in Iraq's Maysan Province, Dec. 25.


REUTERS VIDEO: Iraqi lawmakers warn of military action against Iran if talks fail over a disputed oil well on Iraqi soil, Dec. 20, 00:01:28RealVideo

Iranian soldiers have invaded Iraqi territory in broad daylight and occupied the Al Fakkah oil field near the city of Al Amarra. Intelligence infiltration and the blind dependency of those with funny titles in the Green Zone [Iraq officials] on the Mullahs of Qom is no longer enough for the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists [Iran].


It seems that in order to steal more of its oil, the fictitious “Mahdi” decided to emerge from his maze of lies and underground tunnels of faith to plant his heavy feet on Iraq's wounded ground. It's a situation that mixes irony and tragedy in equal measure, with the original invaders, the Crusader American military, playing the role of deaf, dumb and blind. Neither its public statements nor its domestic intelligence services saw the obvious Safavid [Iranian] occupation. Somehow, America's aircraft, which have complete control of Iraq's skies, can't spot an armed invasion in the middle of the day.


[Editor's Note: As an insult to Iranian leaders, the author repeatedly refers to them as "Safavids." The Safavid Dynasty ruled Iran for centuries and established the "Twelver school" of Shiite Islam, which holds that the Shiite Messiah or "Mahdi" is destined to reappear. In recent weeks, Iranian President Ahmadinejad has repeatedly referred to the impending reemergence of the Mahdi. Calling Tehran Safavids is doubly insulting, because it labels the mullahs monarchists, which is what the Iranian Revolution rebelled against 30 years ago.]


Uncle Sam only mentioned the Safavi invasion after it was exposed by the international media. The invading Crusader continued with his suspicious, cold-blooded talk, and mentioned his “concern” about Iranian “movements”!! With unbounded theatrical grotesqueness, an American official went on to say that the event was an internal matter!! Truly, according to psychiatry, Freudian slips reveal the secrets of the innermost mind. In this case, we have the original invader admitting to the nearly-official hegemony of his supposed enemy. Since when was an invasion by a foreign country an "internal matter?"


Where are the decisions of the United Nations, which continues to keep Iraq imprisoned under Chapter VII? How did the obligations of the invading country evaporate when its central obligation is to protect the state it has occupied from foreign aggression?


[Editor's Note: After Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, the United Security Council imposed extensive sanctions under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter. At the insistence of Kuwait and other Gulf nations, many of the sanctions remain in place, as the new Iraqi government has yet to pay reparations for Saddam's crimes].


If you wish to overlook the wisdom of the foregoing, one might ponder the Security Agreement that the Americans imposed on their followers in Baghdad. This agreement requires the invading Americans to protect the borders, territories, air space and territorial waters of Iraq from any aggression!! How did the agreement evaporate after preoccupying us all for two full years?



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Was it just a passing coincidence that Iran's invasion and claim of ownership of Iraqi territory took place less than 48 hours after a U.S. assistant secretary of state provided the Safavis a “verdict of innocence” regarding Iran's obvious role in Yemen's Houthi plot? 



[Editor's Note: The author refers to a militant Shiite movement in North Yemen, which many suspect is being funded and encouraged by Tehran. In the South, the Southern Movement is agitating for succession, and there are suspicions that it, too, is being backed by Iran].


The masks are now off of both new and old occupations. Lost in the chaos is the lie of “sovereignty” that Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki, and other occupation puppets of his ilk, like to brag about; the same can be said for the ridiculous praise for what used to be called “the sisterly Islamic Republic of Iran.” Honorable Iraqis remember the late Abdul Aziz Al-Hakim's call for Iraq to pay his Persian masters $1 trillion as compensation for Tehran's oppressive war on Iraq between 1980-1988. [Until he died in August, Al-Hakim was the leader of Iraq's largest party, the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq]. Anyone with open eyes can see that the hostility of Persians is aimed at Islam, Pan-Arabism and all Iraqis - not the regime of Saddam Hussein, as claimed by the trumpeting Mullahs, who have deafened the ears of the people for 30 years.


The arrogance of this aggression wasn't even worth a reply from the Green Zone's duel-occupation collaborators. At least they could have recalled their ambassador from Tehran or expelled the Iranian ambassador from Iraq!! Adding to the suspicion is that after every recent bombing in Iraq, they [Iraqi leaders] were called “courageous,” for rushing to accuse Arabs in general and Syria in particular - although Iraqi officials are fully-aware of the alliance between Damascus and Tehran!!


Have the ayatollahs of Qom [Iran's mullahs] given up their ties to their reliable partners in the Assad regime, the Arab Levant in general and in particular, Syria and even more importantly, Lebanon? Or is Tehran controlling Damascus as it controls Maliki, Moqtada al-Sadr and Ibrahim al-Jaafari, distributing roles and missions to everyone, even if it is insulting to one or the other? Or is the Syrian regime about to abandon its very expensive relationship with the Safavids, so therefore, Iran's agents in Iraq were instructed to insult Syria on behalf of Tehran?  


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