The case of Eric Harroun, a former member of the U.S. Army who

traveled to Syria to join the 'moderate' Free Syrian Army, and was

accused of joining the pro-al-Qaeda Syria opposition, is undermining

U.S. backing for the anti-Assad uprising.



American Mujahedeen Now Threaten Syrian Revolution (All4Syria, Syria)


"A year ago, the video of American Eric Harroun driving a jeep wearing a bright red Chechen-style hat, accompanied by bearded militants chanting threats against Bashar Al-Assad, was received with something approaching amusement. A year later, the U.S. intelligence community has issued a report voicing concerns about the danger of Mujahedeen Americans. ...  In other words, under the banner of Islamist terrorism and the likelihood that Western Mujahedeen are likely to turn their guns toward Europe and America, the video and similar material is now being used to turn the Western public against the Syrian revolution."


By Ahmed Maghrabi


Translated By Lina Barakat-Masroujeh


May 26, 2014


All4Syria - Syria - Original Article (Arabic)

American Mujahadeen Eric Harroun, a former U.S. Army soldier who traveled to Syrian to fight Bashar al-Assad, is charged with joining a pro-al-Qaeda terrorist group to do so. Now U.S. officials say they fear that other Americans who have done the same will return home and create mischief here. Harroun reportedly died of a drug overdose at home after returning to the United States.


RUSSIA TODAY NEWS VIDEO: Rebel or Rogue?: US Army vet charged for joining al-Qaeda militants in Syria, Apr. 1, 2013, 00:04:15RealVideo

Exactly a year after the emergence of a YouTube video [below] featuring an American "Mujaheed" in Syria fighting in the ranks of the armed opposition, the U.S. political establishment has begun to raise its voice on the danger of "American Mujahedeen" returning from Syria. Concerns mounted a few days after a visit to Washington by Ahmed Al-Jarba, a representative of the Syrian opposition, and coincided with his visit to France.


The American tone has also come into vogue in France, Britain, and most European countries. The danger of returning Westerners fighting in Syria has become a domestic threat to the strategic security and social tranquility of the countries. Those who have followed the case of Algerian Mohammed Muraah are well aware that he has substantially contributed to the rising tone of fear (or perhaps intimidation). Not only in France, but across the Occident, concerns have mounted over Western Mujahedeen returning from Syria.


A year ago, the aforementioned video was received with something approaching amusement. It showed American Eric Harroun driving a jeep wearing a bright red Chechen-style hat, accompanied by bearded militants chanting threats against Bashar Al-Assad. A year later, the U.S. intelligence community has for the first time issued a report voicing concerns about the danger of Mujahedeen Americans, transforming the video from one of amusement to one of dread. In other words, under the banner of Islamist terrorism and the likelihood that Western Mujahedeen are likely to turn their guns toward Europe and America, the video and similar material is now being used to turn the Western public against the Syrian revolution.


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The effort to depict the Syrian revolution within the generic framework of terrorism is bad enough, but now it is betrussed by supporting evidence. For instance, The Al-Nusra Front has not only refused to sign a declaration renouncing its quest to establish an Islamic state in Syria, it stresses that it entirely rejects any creation of a civil state. Doesn’t that widen the divisions within the Syrian revolution, particularly since the Syrian nation is extremely diverse, and notions of an Islamic State or the rejection of a civil one threaten any hope of national unity? 


The trap of diplomatic representation


There is something else being discussed in Paris and Washington igniting fear within the Syrian revolution. Both capitols, which are presumably the greatest sources of Western and global support for the revolution, have even granted recognition to the Syrian National Coalition. While it is good to have this symbolic support for the Syrian revolution, and it is often stressed that the West supports the moderate opposition, this policy has another face. French President Francois Hollande has explained that this shouldn't place the Syrian Embassy under National Coalition control. Instead, the Coalition will be offered a different location to pursue its diplomatic role, meaning that double Syrian representation will be accepted in France, and furthermore, it will be dispersed between two buildings, clearly embodying the division.



The French position on Syrian diplomatic representation was preceded by the earlier and similar position of the American administration, when it granted diplomatic recognition to the Syrian opposition. In both cases, France and the United States persist in maintaining duel Syrian representation.


So despite recognition, isn't it agonizing to help sustain and prolong the bloody tragedy of Syria? The Syrian people are suffering bloodshed, distress, and destruction on daily basis. Unfortunately, what is so important to the nation and its people does not similarly enter into the calculations of Great Power interests, disputes, strategies and the balance of power. Would a division of Syria be an acceptable way of settling the nation's fate? It is just a question, but as far as all factions of the opposition are concerned, the answer is definitively "no."

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There is no doubt, and this should be stated openly, that when it comes to the question of a division of Syria, there are fanatical Islamist organizations that would approve. Long-term experience with such organizations shows that such groups are the most likely to approve, despite their highfalutin rhetoric on "the Caliphate" and the "rule of Islam" (in reference to an "Islamic empire"). Such people find it easy to form Islamic Emirates - on one square meter of land they rule by arms. Didn’t the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS] establish its "Emirate of Islam in Mosul"? Hasn't it been decades since "Fatah al-Islam" threatened to establish an Islamic emirate in Northern Lebanon, or since Sheikh Shaban proclaimed an Islamic emirate in Tripoli after the Israeli occupation of Lebanon in 1982 under the armed "auspices" of Abu Ammar [Yasser Arafat] Aren’t fanatics threatening to form emirates in Sinai, Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria every day, and haven't they actually proclaimed one in Mali?



In America, the thread that connects the Syrian revolution with Islamic terrorism, and which justifies duel diplomacy, is obvious. President Obama hasn't hesitated to lecture the Syrian opposition on the necessity of ridding itself of terrorism as he has abstained from providing it with high-quality weapons to for use against Assad lest they fall into the hands of extremist Jihadi groups.


This position is the perfect trap. Based on rational justifications about fighting terrorism and the need to remove terrorist influence over the Syrian revolution, it arrives at a vague and mysterious conclusion: the revolution must rid itself of terrorism. Isn't that a call for internal fighting among the components of the armed Syrian opposition?


While there are understandable concerns about internal fighting, which can be expected to occur from time to time and is always hazardous, this should be far less worrying than the horrific prospect of a division of Syria.



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