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America's 'Black Knights' and the Fort Hood Tragedy


"The extremist right-wing Jewish-American alliance is intent on escalating clashes and wars with Islam. … Someone may have manipulated the mind of this officer with drugs and psychological pressure, in order to push him to commit this act."


By Saad Mehyo


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


November 9, 2009


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U.S. Army psychiatrist, Major Nidal Malik Hasan: Why did he do it?


BBC NEWS VIDEO: What did faith have to do with the Fort Hood massacre?, Nov. 11, 00:03:16RealVideo

Is the Fort Hood shooting, in which the accused is an American-Muslim officer of Palestinian descent named Nidal Hasan, some astonishing hurricane that came out of a clear blue sky? Not at all. It was like a bolt of lightning that will come and go at the speed of light. America’s sky is as clear as ever.


On the one hand, the incident was the bloodiest attack on a domestic military base in American history and has dealt a major blow to the morale of the U.S. Armed Forces. It will therefore not be treated lightly, but with discrete procedures inside the Pentagon that will go far beyond the ongoing public investigation, which is focused primarily on officer Hassan's psychological condition (high stress, exhaustion, anger, etc. …) and the ideological affiliations of the officer. The Pentagon's procedures may resemble those taken by the U.S. military against American citizens of Japanese or German descent during World War II.  



On the other hand, this incident comes at a time when dark clouds have gathered in the political sky of the U.S. over relations between America and the Islamic world. While President Obama stands with his hand outstretched toward the Muslim world in the context of a dialogue of civilizations, which he called for in Istanbul and Cairo, there also stands the extremist right-wing Jewish-American alliance that is intent on escalating clashes and wars with Islam.


So far, the upper hand belongs to the latter group. It is literally blowing up Obama's Middle East peace plans, after having pressed successfully for an escalation of the war in Afghanistan, which may exceed in duration the U.S. war in Iraq; and has destroyed the process of engagement with Iran.


Now comes this incident involving an officer who happens to be a Muslim, which according to one U.S. analyst, is a “gift from Heaven for believers of the war of civilizations - both American and Israeli."


But would Heaven ever side with these black knights by showering them with gifts and offerings? Surely, not.


The conclusions that are drawn will fall into two broad categories:


First, the incident of Major Nidal Hassan may truly have resulted from his abysmal psychological state. But despite this, the black knights will seek to exploit the tragedy to the point that the hearts and minds of Americans will take their side in the tug-of-war with those who favor dialogue.



Second, (and here is where the conspiracy theory comes in) someone may have manipulated the mind of this officer with drugs and psychological pressure, in order to push him to commit this act.


Is the second conclusion of a “conspiracy” impossible?



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OK, let is prepare ourselves by reviewing a study by American investigative journalist James Bamford, which exposed plans developed by the Pentagon to get the American people to support war against Cuba.


Bamford (who relied on official government documents), said that in the early 1960s, senior U.S. military commanders planned subversive operations, including the implementation of terrorist operations in many American cities - in addition to hijacking planes and the sinking an American ship off Cuba's Bay of Pigs. The plan, which was approved by the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff and planned with the help of the super-secret National Security Agency, stated: “If we execute these operations, the loss of (U.S.) life published in newspapers will spark a national wave of revulsion. That will help us a great deal.”


Now let's see - what would Bamford have to say about the Fort Hood incident?








































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