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[Al-Ahram, Egypt]



Alhayat Aljadeeda, Palestinian Territories

Fear of Turkey Drives Iran to Mount New Gaza Flotilla


Is Tehran considering sending an aid flotilla to Gaza because it fears Turkey's influence and feels it has to top Ankara? According to this article by Muwaffaq Matar of Alhayat Aljadeeda, a newspaper in the West Bank, Iran's game of one-upmanship is destined to come at the expense of Palestinian lives in Gaza.


By Muwaffaq Matar



Translated By Nicolas Dagher


June 13, 2010


Palestinian Territories - Al-Hayat Al-Jadidah - Original Article (Arabic)

Will Tehran provide the spark for the next war in the region? If it sends one or more ships to Gaza under the protection of the Revolutionary Guards, then an unstable situation will become the calm before a volcanic eruption.


Despite knowing the hornet’s nest it will unleash on itself if it engages on a military front of unknowable dimensions, Tehran's leaders see this as an opportunity to harass the major powers in the region. They also calculate that further delay would be like leaving the whole cake for the “Sunni-Ottoman Turks,” whose presence would be more widely-accepted among the majority of the public that that of the “Shiite Persians.” Most find Iranian sectarianism frightening, to say nothing of the dictatorship embodied by the “Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists.”



In fact, we see with our own eyes the reality - with all of its details and moving parts. Our hearts would like to accept it [Iranian help], even if the picture is less than ideal. But the reality shows that Tehran is simply trying to maintain the cycle of conflict that existed since Hamas leaders gave it the keys to its Gaza “base” - long before the flotilla of Erdogan Turkey moved in.


Tehran secured its base in southern Lebanon through absolute control over its natural Shiite ally (Hezbullah). Now its worried about losing “Base Hamas" - for which it paid hundreds of millions of dollars. Tehran won't allow the food cooked over the fire of Operation Cast Lead to end up in the bellies of Ottoman Turkey - and bring the Turks good cheer.


Therefore, Iran is meddling based on the principle of “It’s me or no one,” wanting to ruin the plans of everyone else, particularly Erdogan's Turkey. Iran may also be adopting the arrogant stance, “We play together or I'll ruin the game,” because it can - it is a regional player that cannot be ignored.


We believe Iran has calculated that the leadership of Hamas has deceived it and is ready to hand the keys to Gaza over to the Turkish Masters of the Sublime Gate - which would be acceptable to Hamas, because its openly warm relations with Iran makes Salafist groups that support Hamas with essential donations uneasy. These Sunni groups consider Tehran an ideological rival and are unlikely to support Hamas putting all of its eggs in one basket.


Iran will enter the game under the banner of lifting the siege in order to burn Hamas' sails - just as soon as its sure that it has been deceived by the Hamas leadership.


Tehran will spark a war in the region. Ahmadinejad thinks his troops are ready for it, and those who imposed sanctions at the Security Council are either unwilling or afraid to engage in a new war alongside those in Iraq Afghanistan. Ahmadinejad will be applying the famous rule, “attack is the best means of defense.”




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Israel failed to inform its best strategic ally and Islamic friend in the region [Turkey] when its commando units attacked the Mavi Marmara, killing nine and wounding dozens - an act for which so far it has refused to apologize. How will Israel handle an Iranian ship protected by naval vessels of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards - or with a military confrontation on the ship’s deck that creates victims that will spark a war? 



Tehran is considering a punishment for Hamas, it is planning to make sure it keeps a share of its southern base (in Gaza), and will perhaps shake things up in such a way as to make it difficult to implement U.N. sanctions.


But Iranian leaders and politicians who seek unfettered access to nuclear power should know that it will be the sons of our Palestinian people in Gaza who'll be the losers in this bidding war between regional powers. It is a war that opened with Hamas at the expense of the Palestinian cause and the fate of half a million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip! They [Iranian leaders] will be partners in the industry of death, tragedy and suffering imposed on our people.



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