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Buffer Zones for Syrians and American Blackmail (Al-Arab Al-Yawm, Jordan)


"Another world war could be approaching ... A problem has been deliberately created to ensnare Jordan in a scenario that carries with it the risk of military escalation, American occupation, and the crossing of the conflict over the border in the form of revenge attacks, particularly since what is being sought is the support and training of a 'moderate' force to shield Jordan and combat 'extremist groups' - which Washington contributed to creating!"


By Lamis Andoni



Translated By Talei Lakeland


April 14, 2013


Jordan - Al-Arab al-Yawm - Original Article (Arabic)

People search for bodies in the rubble of buildings struck by Syrian military airstrikes, in Aleppo, April 7.


BBC NEWS VIDEO, U.K.: Is arming the Syrian rebels wise?, Apr. 12, 00:05:54RealVideo

Leaks about Jordan's impending participation in the setting up of buffer zones along its northern border come as no surprise, as the country’s economic crisis coupled with its physical location have exposed it to American blackmail - as every regime in the region has had to “resubmit its application” to be U.S. allies.


Ever since Barack Obama’s visit and overnight stay in Amman, it has been clear that American support comes at a price - both political and financial - especially as the United States holds the keys to international loans and even Arab aid. And here we are, approaching the date when Jordan will have to cough up for U.S. support. It would appear that the due date and finishing touches will occur no later than the next U.S.-Jordan summit.


The leaks appear to have been well thought out, to act as test balloons for gauging public reaction while at the same time molding public opinion on future steps, especially as they were accompanied by warnings that the number of Syrian refugees may reach 3 million, and that another world war could be approaching.


It's no coincidence that in preparation for the imminent decision of the United States, the U.N. has announced that its budget for protecting Syrian refugees has run dry. That doesn't mean that the international organization is lying, but that rich countries, particularly the United States, either don't want to provide funds or have decided to stop doing so, to compel everyone, especially the countries neighboring Syria, to go along with Washington's plans.


Some features of the American scenario have become clear. Among them is the hope that military pressure will compel Bashar al-Assad to step down and make way for a transition of power “based on consensus” without a dissolution of the Syrian Army. Hence, Syria’s seat in the Arab League has been given to an element of the opposition, and finishing touches are being put on defining military operations aimed at gaining control of chemical weapons sites and sites vital to the Syrian Army. the pretext of offering shelter and protection to the refugees, this is where the buffer zones in Deraa come into play. America cannot mobilize a large military invasion force like it did for the occupations of Iraq or Afghanistan, so it needs a direct contribution from Jordan to secure so-called “safe havens” for rebel groups. In fact, these will be used as military bases to tighten the siege on the Syrian regime and pave the way for selected wings of the Syrian opposition to enter Damascus.


It isn't the bloody, repressive Syrian regime that is to be feared, but that Syria, Jordan, and regimes that have the least respect for freedom and peoples, have become involved in the Syrian uprising. They have created and nurtured extremist militia groups bent not on liberating Syria, but on destroying it, since Arab peoples are not permitted to transition to more democratic systems, but only to fall directly, or gradually, into America's lap.


The blame is on everyone, first of all the Syrian regime and Arab states that have failed to protect their peoples, instead complying with the orders and wishes of Washington and the West - something that the revolutions have done little to change. Because the Arab states have become hostages of the restrictions associated with the political and financial support of America and the Gulf.

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Of course, the West sees the collapse of the Syrian regime - the last regime to shout slogans of resistance, Arab nationalism and defiance - as a historic opportunity. But this desire to express defiance doesn't excuse the Damascus regime's record of oppression and brutality, nor does it mean that this very same regime would hesitate to reach understandings with Washington that go against its own slogans to serve its own narrow self-interest.


Nevertheless, Washington also sees the potential danger that these armed groups and forces on the ground pose to Israel. This is so, even if Washington remained silent on and tacitly or directly supported the creation of such groups, because they give it direct justification for dragging the surrounding countries, including Jordan, into a military intervention, by exploiting their fears about the influx of refugees and members of these extremist groups into Jordan through its border with Syria.


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Thus, a problem has been deliberately created to ensnare Jordan in a scenario that carries with it the risk of military escalation, American occupation, and the crossing of the conflict over the border in the form of revenge attacks, particularly since what is being sought is the support and training of a “moderate” force to shield Jordan and combat “extremist groups” - which Washington contributed to creating!


We are under no illusions about receiving any official response to these concerns, but decision makers should at least look the Jordanian people in the eye and frankly tell them what is going on, what the fallout is likely to be, why the powers that be believe we have to bear even more burdens, and what purpose all of this serves. Many groups of people have borne burdens in silence. They didn't take to the streets in protest because they didn't want to sacrifice stability. However, interventions like this one in Syria will not benefit Jordanian stability, but threaten it.



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