Is America colluding with the Taliban - as President Hamid Karzai

says? This Afghanistan Times editorial asks, 'when haven't they been?'



Karzai is Right - the Taliban are in the Service of America (Afghanistan Times, Afghanistan)


"Those who have become angry with President Karzai should appreciate his boldness. The entire nation backs his perceptions. The nation fully understands this very stark fact: that Taliban have always been foreign proxies and cannot be loyal to this land. ...  Now that the face of the Taliban has been fully exposed, everyone knows whose war they have been fighting."




March 29, 2013


Afghanistan Times - Afghanistan - Original Article (English)

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on the ground in Kabul with the commander of the International Security Force, General Joseph Dunford, Mar. 11. Hagel, NATO and the Taliban have all strenuously denied charges by President Hamid Karzai that the U.S. and Taliban are 'colluding' to keep Americans in the country.

BBC NEWS VIDEO: Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai rebukes both the United States and Taliban, March 10, 00:01:52RealVideo

The Taliban are in the service of foreigners. There is not a tinge of doubt about it. After all, they are the byproduct of the unholy U.S.-Pakistan alliance. First the Mujahedeen were created to encounter the Soviet threat, Then, after the USSR withdrew, Pakistan, with the intention of taming warring Mujahedeen factions and securing its own nefarious ends, imposed another group of hardliners called the Taliban.


Pakistan partially succeeded, but toward the end of 2001 things took a turn for the worse, and Pakistan reaped the whirlwind. From Karachi to Khyber, and from Quetta to Lahore, bloodshed was everywhere. This was the blowback for supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Since the American onslaught, the situation has changed in radical and complicated ways. And despite the murkiness, it is evident and well-established that the Taliban are foreign proxies.


There was nothing new in President Karzai's comments. So one wonders why certain elements of his own government have criticized his candid statement that the Taliban are in the service of foreigners, and that the United States has extensive contact with them.


In any event, Karzai hit the bull's eye - and those who have become angry with him should appreciate his boldness. The entire nation backs his perceptions. The nation fully understands this very stark fact: that Taliban have always been foreign proxies and cannot be loyal to this land. That is why, from the Andar district of Ghazni to the Panjwai district of Kandahar and from Paktia to Khost, there have been mass uprisings against the Taliban. Now that the face of the Taliban has been fully exposed, everyone knows whose war they have been fighting.


To kill your own Muslims and your own Afghans cannot be called "jihad." Moreover, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari, in an interview with NBC News in May of last year, said that the CIA and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence worked together to create the Taliban. When the president of a country like Pakistan can reveal such a bitter truth, why can't the president of Afghanistan?


Zardari spoke his mind said what he believed in the moment - just as Karzai did. So there's no need to conjure up a political issue. On the contrary, this position should be supported and the bloodshed should stop. With the withdrawal of foreign forces, the Taliban will lose any excuse for prolonging their war. Coordinated efforts between residents and police have forced the Taliban out of several villages in Kandahar - the second largest province and the birthplace of militant leader Mullah Omar.

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Fed up with the Taliban's militant tyranny and barbarism, Afghans are doing something about it. Residents from Panjwai district, and villages in Kandahar Province, Kakaran, Mamakhto, Khogyani and certain other parts of the country, have begun uprisings against the militants. Similar uprisings have taken place in Paktia, Logar, Khost and in Laghman provinces. Can those who are perturbed by the president's comments explain why these uprisings have been taking place?


All of this shows just how unpopular the Taliban have become for being in service of foreigners - Americans and Pakistanis. Villagers are fed up with the Taliban's brutal atrocities - such as roadside bombings that kill more civilians than troops. The nation is also fed up with their suicide bombings. And recently, the Taliban brought a form of terrorism new to Afghanistan: sectarian violence. At a shrine in Kabul during Ashura, Hazaras were targeted.


All this indicates that the Taliban are people who have been installed and who work as foreign tools. People who are pro-Taliban sitting in the incumbent government should rethink their stand and search their own consciences about who the Taliban really are. When and if they get an answer, they should inform the rest of us. We too would like to know at last.


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