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Hosted By Managing Editor William Kern


June 15, 2014


United States - Worldmeets.US Radio News - (English)

Having trouble making sense of what has happened in Iraq? Tune into this week's edition of Worldmeets.US Radio News. In addition to shaming America's shameful and shameless corporate media, Managing Editor William Kern examines the history of how our nation got here and what to do next. We also look at global reactions to other things American, including European content on the Ukraine crisis, and whether the United States and Europe still share the same values and goals, mass shootings in America from Brazil, whether America is turning fascist from Mexico, and the immigration issue, also from Mexico.


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If you would like to follow along with the content we discuss on the show, these are the links in chronological order:


Rzeczpospolita, Poland: If Iraqis Don't Fight for Iraq, Neither will America
All4Syria, Syria: American Mujahedeen Now Threaten Syrian Revolution
BBC Newsnight, UK: VIDEO: Hillary Clinton on Iraq, Syria, Russia and the Presidency
Al-Araqya, Iraq: VIDEO - Anti-ISIS Propaganda from Iraqi TV
Internet: VIDEO: Crowd Gathers to Show Support of ISIS Takeover of Mosul
Al-Arabiya, Dubai: VIDEO: 'Al-Maliki Should Be Tried for High Treason' for ISIS Capture of Mosul
Internet: VIDEO: Kosovar ISIS Member in Iraq: 'We Will Conquer Jerusalem, Rome, and Spain'
BBC NEWS, U.K.: VIDEO: Former Iraq Prime Minister Ayad Allawi Warns Iraq Could 'Break-up'
Russia Today: VIDEO: State Department Spokewoman Jen Psaki Fails to respond to Iraq and Ukraine
BBC News, U.K.: VIDEO: Iraq TV Airs Footage of Mosul Airstrikes
Euronews, France: VIDEO: Jihadist Militants Close in on Baghdad
BBC News, U.K.: VIDEO: Iraq Prime Minister Maliki Blames 'Conspiracy' for fall of Mosul
France24: VIDEO: Iraq's Jihadist Takeover: Can the Spread of Extremists be Stopped?
News, Switzerland: All's Disquiet on the Western Front
La Jornada, Mexico: The 'Nazi Stench' and U.S. 'Fascism'
La Jornada, Mexico: 'Not Since Slavery' Has U.S. Treated People Worse than Undocumented
Taiwan Ho, Taiwan: TC LIN: A Former American in the Taiwanese Army
E.U. Observer, Belgium: Germany Backs France on Russia Warship Contract
Telegraph, U.K.: Iraq Oil Shock Could 'Kill' World Economic Recovery, Experts Warn
Guardian U.K.: 'Discreetly' - U.K., U.S. to Sign Deal for 'Enhanced' Nuclear Warhead Cooperation
  O Globo, Brazil: Finally, an American Cry of 'Collective Sanity' on Guns  




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