The dictator Kim Jong-un greets apparently ecstatic students at

the Mangyongdae Revolutionary School in Pyongyang in January. While

Kim's waistline seems to be changing, the North's propaganda is not.



Rodong Sinmun, North Korea

South Korean Traitors Sell Out to 'U.S. Masters'


Is South Korea being governed by 'stooges' that have 'sold off' the South Korean people to the United States? According to this article from North Korea's state mouthpiece, the Rodong Simnum, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak is doing everything he can for his 'U.S. master,' including buying tainted U.S. beef and paying Washington for housing U.S. forces.


By Pak Chol-jun


February 7, 2012


North Korea - Rodong Simnum - Original Article (English)

This latest example of North Korean propaganda says, 'Let us be ten million rifles and ten million bombshells to guard our dear supreme commander comrade Kim Jong-Un with our lives!


BBC NEWS AUDIO: North Korea: Like father like son?, Feb. 16, 00:04:25WindowsVideo

Four years ago, with the backing of the United States, the traitor Lee Myung-bak came to power. Clamoring about a "strategic alliance in the 21st century," Lee preached as if this would enhance national prestige and bring about a benefit.


Allegedly for strengthening his alliance with the United States, the traitor and his ilk sold off the sovereignty and dignity of south Korea's people and has reduced them to slaves of their U.S. master.


As soon as he took power, traitor Lee visited his masters in America. During his stay there, Lee madly welcomed an agreement to open the south Korean beef market, currying favor with his master.


But Lee was faced with strong protest from the people. So he tried to cajole them, saying he would deal with the “points in question" and formally ask the United States to hold additional talks. But it was just a trick to soothe the public.   



At these additional talks, the puppet clique promised to quarantine cow abattoirs in the United States, but they fulfilled this promise. The traitor's deception sparked candlelight demonstrations on the part of the south Korean people.


Confused at this, the traitor Lee said he had reflected on this through bitter tears. Soon enough, however, he accused demonstrations of being completely illegal, arresting protesters as "forces against the system."


Through this "Free Trade Agreement," the treacherous nature of south Korean conservatives were revealed. They released a rumor suggesting that they were considering the damage inflicted on the people by the deal, but then railroaded the National Assembly to pass the humiliating agreement with no amendments, as demanded by the United States.


Later, to further satisfy its greed, the United States demanded a renegotiation of the deal. Then, in February last year, the south Korean group of traitors held a meeting with their U.S. master and ratified the amendment proposed by the United States.




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Meanwhile, south Koreans must also bear all expenses for the upkeep of U.S. forces stationed in the south under the alleged pretext of maintaining security. Then they squander the tax money collected from the people to remove environmental pollution left by U.S. military bases, but say nothing about it. Pushed by the United States to dispatch south Korean troops to Afghanistan, they sought to deceive the people by sending them under the pretext of "reconstruction."


The fact that such traitors still remain in power is the greatest disgrace to the south Korean people.




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